Display Employee or Office locations on Google Maps using Employee Spotlight

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6 years ago
Employee Spotlight WordPress Plugin Pro and Enterprise editions allow you to display the primary address of an employee using Google maps. For example, a customer may choose to contact a sales person closer to his or her location or Employees can see where everyone is located; very handy feature for distributed groups and organizations. If the primary address of every employee is unique, the employee thumbnail image is used as map marker. If multiple employees share the same location, the cluster mode is enabled. You can create WordPress shortcodes to display specific segments such as Marketing or Finance departments.If users need more information, they can click on the thumbnail image go to the employee profile page. Check out Employee Spotlight pro or enterprise demo site to see how this feature looks like.Check out Employee Spotlight plugin page for more information: https://emdplugins.com/plugins/employee-spotlight-wordpress-plugin/