The Silk Road Ensemble: Rustem

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15 years ago

For more on the Silk Road Ensemble and Silkroad, visit The sweet and seductive violin solo in "Rustem" gives a glimpse of a musical culture that is uniquely global while also rooted in local tradition. The music of the Roma reflects the rich musical cross-pollination of a borderless people, with seamless meshing of local instruments, musical languages and styles. Originally from North Central India, the nomadic Roma migrated to Persia and Europe around 300 B.C.E. They eventually settled in Wallachia and Moldavia (present-day Romania), but suffered savage persecution until the mid-19th century. Europeans mistook the Roma for Egyptians and coined the term "gypsies" in the 15th century. Today the Roma diaspora can be found on almost every continent. This Roma piece from Romania, "Rustem," was arranged for Silkroad by Ljova and is dedicated to Marty Peretz and Anne Peretz with deep appreciation and thanks.

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