YouTube Showcase Professional WordPress plugin comes with Visual Shortcodes Builder(VSB). VSB allows creating advanced shortcodes without writing code manually. To use VSB:
  1. Create a new page
  2. Click on VSB button
  3. Find and select the view or form you’d like to use a base
  4. Modify the shortcode by adding taxonomy or attribute filters
    • Don’t forget to click + icon every time you add a filter
    • You can create as many filters as you need in the same shortcode
  5. When you finished, click Insert Shortcode button. The shortcode will be inserted to the page
  6. Update or publish the page to see the shortcode result
    • You can create as many shortcodes as you need
    • You can also use multiple shortcodes on the same page

For example, the following creates a video gallery page with videos of Beyonce Knowles category.

[video_gallery filter="tax::video_category::is::beyonce-knowles;"]