Best Contact Form and Management System for WordPress – WP Easy Contact

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7 years ago
WP Easy Contact is very easy to use and powerful WordPress plugin that helps you collect information from your contacts and stores the information in the WordPress database.*** Script of this video ***Hi This is Dara Duman from eMarket Design.I will show you how to use WP Easy Contact WordPress plugin - very easy to use Contact Management System for WordPress.After installing and activating the plugin, Let's create our contact form page using the Setup assistant. click View Button to see the contact form. As you see the email address is already filled out since I am logged in.Let fill out the rest of the fields and submit our form. If the form submission is successful. It will display a message at the top. You can customize this message at the settings.Let's find out our contact in the backend and edit it.Let's click the front end and see our collected contact information. Everything looks very good.You can customize WP Easy Contact from the plugin settings. You can change contacts slug, individual contact record page template, change taxonomy slugs and more.Let's click on the Forms tab where you can customize the contact form. I will disable States and Zip Code fields. Let's go the frontend As you see the disabled fields are not be displayed. There are more options here to play around.An other very handy feature is customizable frontend login and registration system. For example, If you'd like to show your contact form to logged in users only. you can set it from the plugin settings. If a visitor comes to your contact page and not logged in, it will display the login form.Thanks for watching.**** Looking for the best Contact Management System for WordPress? ****Check out WP Easy Contact Pro WordPress Plugin: